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Did you know that dental crowns and veneers offer restoration benefits for your smile ranging from improving your looks to changing the way your mouth functions? Although crowns and veneers are typically referred to as forms of cosmetic dentistry, the benefits go beyond just having a better-looking smile.

With dental veneers, your smile will look better and that boost your self-esteem. A greater self-image can make you more productive in life. Your social life can improve, as well as your work opportunities. Dental veneers work by applying shells directly to the fronts of teeth that can be crafted and customized as necessary.

Dental crowns are designed to cover more than just the fronts of teeth. Although the placement of dental crowns will require more enamel removal than veneers, dental crowns cover all sides of a tooth to ensure it will be adequately protected from future damage. In addition, its look, shape, size, and color can be adjusted for your precise needs. A single dental crown can last a long time with normal use before it needs to be replaced or repaired. However, in some cases, your crown may last for a lifetime.

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