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In addition to preventing cavities, stopping tooth loss, and brightening your smile, dental cleanings can further help you and your smile. In fact, they can help you in ways you wouldn’t even think of. To elaborate, our dentist, Dr. Kyle M. Triggs, will be happy to list the additional ways your dental cleaning can help you.

The first way is by freshening your breath. Keeping up on oral hygiene is one of the best ways to prevent persistent bad breath. This is because it removes the bacteria from your teeth, gums, and tongue that create an odor. Even if you brush and floss regularly, your dental cleaning can help you completely clean your mouth and promote top-notch breath. In fact, it can even eliminate gingivitis, which is a dental issue that has many symptoms, and bad breath is one of them.

The second way is by boosting your overall health. That’s right—not just your oral health. This is because your cleaning can prevent gum disease. Gum disease is a serious dental issue that can be found to have a relationship with major health issues, like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and even pre-term labor. So, if you keep up on your cleanings and prevent gum disease, you can boost your overall health.

The third way is by saving you money. This is because your dental cleaning is a preventive treatment. This means it helps you prevent major dental issues. If you don’t attend your appointments, you could suffer tooth decay, gum disease, and other major issues and will need to undergo one or more treatments, which can be quite costly. So, if you keep up on your appointments, you can save money.

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