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Straightening your smile with braces is not an easy process. It requires many months, perhaps even years of alignment therapy, possible food restrictions of some of your favorite meals, increased dedication to your oral health care habits, and many visits to your orthodontist.

However, you will find that the journey has been worth it, since there are many benefits to wearing braces. Some things to consider:

– Braces can lower the risk of tooth enamel damage due to bruxism or TMD.
– Braces can upgrade your self-esteem and boost your self-image.
– Braces can diminish the odds of your teeth striking one another at improper angles which can cause your teeth to crack or split.Your teeth will have a better position in jaw and will improve in strength.
– Plaque has fewer places to hide in your mouth When your teeth are aligned.
– Braces can improve your eating and speaking skills.

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