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You could probably make a strong argument claiming that root canal therapy, which is often referred to as endodontic therapy, is the most dreaded dental procedure there is. Sadly, even mentioning root canal therapy can make most people extremely uncomfortable.

However, there are a few things you should probably know about this important procedure. You see, thanks to modern techniques, root canal therapy is virtually painless. In fact, many patients who have had root canal therapy and have had a cavity filled say the two are very comparable in terms of discomfort.

You see, your teeth are incapable of repairing themselves like the rest of your body. If the center of your tooth is damaged, a dentist will likely need to perform root canal therapy. Root canal therapy, which is used to treat common issues such as trauma or tooth decay, involves removing infections from the center of your tooth.

Please remember to visit our dentist at least once every six months. You see, it may be difficult to recognize the signs of a damaged root canal on your own—though symptoms such as swollen gums, red gums, or sudden sensitivity to hot or cold foods could all be indicators of this issue. Similarly, pain when you bite down or chew could also be a sign of a damaged root canal.

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