Treating Common Dental Concerns At Home With Alaska Dental Associates

There are so many dental problems that are seen in the world today. So many offices will notice patients coming and going with different issues that need to be addressed. Depending on the issues, they may or may not require care beyond what can be done at home. Here are some of the common dental issues that are handled under the Anchorage comprehensive dentistry services from Alaska Dental Associates and our recommendations for treating them.

Most Common Dental Problems

Understand these problems and have them resolved if you’re suffering from any of them. There are always ways to make your smile brighter, whiter, healthier and give you the confidence you need each and every time you smile.

Missing Teeth

This is one of the most embarrassing things for a person to go through. When they have missing teeth, they may feel embarrassed to smile or talk. It can make speaking and eating more difficult. There are many ways to fix this issue, such as dentures, partials or implants which are a more permanent solution. Speak with a dentist regarding these procedures to learn more.

Tooth Decay

Bacteria in the mouth can eat away at the strong coating on the outside of the teeth. When this happens, cavities or decay forms. This is something that can be reduced with good flossing and brushing habits every day. When there are cavities, having a dentist provide fillings is a great way to help fix them.

Gum Disease

More than half of Americans suffer from one type of gum disease or another. It is important that they speak with the right professional that can help them clean up the disease and give them a better smile overall. Of course, specialized cleaning options are available, as well as specific toothpastes and mouthwashes to help clean out the mouth. Brushing and flossing twice a day helps fight these diseases.

Discoloration of the Teeth

Whitening the teeth is something that many people do. With many options currently available, both at the dental office and over the counter, many people can reverse the dull, stained appearance that might be on their teeth.

Wisdom Teeth

Most of the time, wisdom teeth will have to be removed. Just because they are not causing you pain does not mean that nothing is wrong with them. This is why having a thorough evaluation done can give you more information regarding your teeth. These teeth can lead to overcrowding in the mouth, as well as cavities and a host of other problems. Having them removed if it is recommended is the best course of action to take.


Speak with a qualified dental office if you’re having any of these issues with your mouth. You want the best for your dental health, and through the help they provide, you can be sure that you get it. Set up a time to go in for a cleaning and exam, so they can handle the rest from there. Call today or check us out online at




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