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Some individuals experience movement with their soft palate while they sleep. When it slips toward the back of the throat it can cause you to snore. In some cases, it could also cause minor interruptions in your breathing.

While this might seem like a simple sleep quality issue, chronic sleep apnea can potentially lead to more significant medical complications. Left untreated it can gradually start to affect your circulatory system. This could increase your chances of suffering from high blood pressure, as well as an increased chance of suffering heart disease, and stroke.

Severe sleep apnea sufferers might need to use a positive air pressure device while sleeping. If you only suffer from only minor to moderate sleep apnea might find significant symptom relief by using a prescription sleep guard. They can often be provided by an orthodontist like Dr. Kyle M. Triggs.

There are several different designs available. The one that is right for you will depend on the characteristics of your mouth as well as your personal preference. Common options include tongue stabilizing devices, a mandibular advancement device or boil and bite sleep guards.

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