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Braces require you to make some adjustments in your life, especially if you play sports, but our team is committed to helping you feel comfortable with braces. To help you manage braces while playing sports, Dentist in Anchorage, AK | Alaska Dental Associates answers your big questions.

Can I play still sports if I wear braces?
We do not want to you to go without sports or miss out on the smile you love. You can keep playing sports after receiving braces, and your braces should not get in your way.

How do I keep my smile and braces safe?
Sports bring a high risk of getting hit in the mouth, but you can protect your smile and braces by wearing a mouth guard. An orthodontic mouth guard provides protection no matter which sport you play.

What is an orthodontic mouth guard?
These are small, removable appliances that can be made from protective materials such as rubber and silicone. They are made to fit over your teeth and braces to protect your mouth from striking objects, elbows, knees. You can choose from a variety of mouth guards, including stock, boil-and-bite, and custom-made mouth guards. To receive a mouth guard made just for your smile, schedule a visit with our dentist.

What can I do if my mouth or braces are injured?
Call our office immediately if you receive a dental emergency while playing sports so that you can schedule an appointment and receive treatment as soon as possible. You can prevent injuries such as cuts to the gums and the inside of your cheeks, damaged brackets, and fractured teeth by wearing a mouth guard.

Call us at 907-562-2284 today and speak with Dr. Kyle M. Triggs if you are interested in receiving a mouth guard or have additional questions about playing sports with braces in Anchorage, Alaska.