Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Therapy

No one wants to get a root canal, but if you’re dealing with tooth decay, then it’s crucial you get it handled promptly, for your oral and overall health.

A tooth can be so decayed that it can endanger the rest of your teeth, your gums, even your jaw bone. A root canal will not only save the decayed tooth. It will also remove any surrounding gum tissues that are infected. If the tooth is dying or dead, it can be extracted.

If you are looking for root canal therapy in Anchorage, please contact Alaska Dental Associates. We have a good team supporting our dentist Dr. Kyle Triggs, to help you deal with the dental problems like root canals and tooth decay.

During a root canal procedure, once we have cleaned the area of infected tissue from inside the tooth, we will fill it, and then use a crown to cap the tooth to keep its structure.

Can My Dentist Do a Root Canal, or Do I Need an Endodontist in Anchorage?

If you’re in need of a root canal treatment, then you may have heard that the work should be performed by an endodontist instead of a dentist.

Dr. Triggs and our team can definitely perform the procedure successfully, but overall, the answer to that question depends on the experience of the dentist. Getting the procedure done at the dentist’s office also has some additional benefits. Let’s compare:


Low fees – An endodontist is a specialist. So naturally, their fees will be higher because root canals are one of their specialties.

Familiarity – People generally do not like any kind of dental visits, but may feel more comfortable with their dentist performing major procedures. We offer this procedure as a convenience to many families who prefer to have all of their dentistry done in one place.


Expert Factor – Endodontists have more schooling and training than dentists, and root canals are their specialty.

Better Equipment – A dentist may not have access to the equipment designed especially for root canal diagnostics and treatment, whereas an endodontist would be expected to have it.

While this will vary slightly when considering an individual dentist, Dr. Triggs can perform an endodontic treatment with success and for a far lower cost than going to an endodontist.

Is Root Canal Therapy Painful?

A common point of discussion when it comes to root canal is the pain associated with them. While one could certainly say that was the norm years ago, significant advances in dentistry have made the procedure less painful, and pain-free for individuals in some cases.

Dr. Triggs uses advanced techniques, tools, and anesthesia to help his patients have the most painless procedure possible. Many patients will experience some pain following the procedure, but when anesthesia is administered for the root canal, a patient should not experience any pain.

Dr. Triggs and our dental team will work hard to make sure you have a pleasant, comfortable experience throughout the procedure and recovery. In fact, it is always our aim to see to it that each and every visit you make to our office is a comfortable one.


Root canals are one of the most feared dental treatments a person could undergo. With that in mind, our dentist and our excellent staff will do all we can to take the fear out of the procedure for you.

We will begin with a thorough examination of your teeth. If we find that the infected tooth can be saved, we will move forward to do just that. We will clean out the infected tissue, clean the tooth, fill the inside, and then use a crown to cap it all to keep the structure intact.

After the procedure, we will monitor you during your recovery, and ensure the pain following the procedure is as minimal as possible.  For your root canal procedure, you will be in good hands with Alaska Dental Associates.

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