Dental X-Rays

Dental X-Rays to Identify Potential Issues

If you’re in need of dental X-rays and dental care in Anchorage, reach out to us at Alaska Dental Associates. Dr. Kyle Triggs is an expert in utilizing X-ray technology as a powerful dental diagnostic tool, which can help to see issues with the teeth that may be missed during a normal examination.

The digital dental radiography of today uses a digital sensor to capture images of your teeth, rather than the traditional X-rays taken on a film. This method uses far less radiation than conventional machines. Since the images are digital, there is no need to develop them, so they can be viewed on monitors as soon as they are taken.

What is the Purpose of Dental X-Rays?

Traditional X-ray technology was a major tool that gave dentists insight into a patient’s tooth health. With the ability to see the jawbone, an X-ray can see underlying conditions that are not obvious to the dentist during a routine examination.

And while this technology was useful, digital imaging has proven to be a breakthrough advancement in dentistry that surpasses the original X-rays. In addition to not needing developing time, they also use a great deal less radiation to capture the images

While technology in dental X-rays has changed over the years, the purpose of them remains the same – to identify any hidden problems happening with your teeth. This allows us to identify and care for dental issues early by being more proactive.

X-rays can’t see everything, but without them we couldn’t conclusively identify cysts, abscesses, fractures in existing fillings, tumors, infection of the teeth nerves, and bone loss.

If you’re experiencing problems with your teeth right now, then you may have an underlying cause contributing to your problem. Please contact us to discuss your situation, and our expert staff will be able to determine if a digital X-ray is needed to identify your issue.

How Often Will I Need to Have X-Rays Taken by My Dentist?

Digital imaging is not a once in a lifetime experience when it comes to dentistry. Even if you’ve gotten dental X-rays before, that doesn’t mean you won’t need more in the future.

Sometimes a completely unrelated problem hiding inside your teeth can show up after several months or years, causing a new dental problem. Or new X-rays may be needed to follow up on the original treatment. Once the problem area has healed, the dentist may take another X-ray to determine if the underlying cause has been completely eradicated or not. If there were still evidence that there is even a trace of the underlying cause remaining, the dentist may recommend further treatment to counteract it.

So if you’re concerned about problems with your teeth, or a recently X-rayed problem is undergoing treatment and you’re still dealing with pain or symptoms, then reach out to us right away so we can assist you.

Get Your Dental X-Rays in Anchorage from Alaska Dental Associates

Digital X-rays are the latest technological procedure that can precisely diagnose issues you’re having with your teeth. They can detect what cannot be seen during a routine exam or a traditional X-ray. It gives the dentist a clearer picture of what is happening inside your mouth and your jawbone. With that clearer picture, the dentist can administer an effective remedy to the problem. Dealing with dental issues can be quite painful, so our office wants to work quickly to get you in for an X-ray, and on the path to treatment for your problem.

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