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One of the key treatments for keeping your smile safe is to always examine it for any abnormalities or irregularities that arise. If for any reason you are noticing any changes in your oral health, you may be suffering from an underlying condition that needs to be treated immediately. In the United States, every single year over 42,000 individuals are diagnosed with oral cancer. Feel free to visit our office for an oral cancer screening as needed.

The first way to determine if you are suffering from an underlying condition such as oral cancer is to look for the common signs and symptoms. If you notice any changes in your gums or are experiencing any rough patches, lumps, bumps or eroded areas, it may be linked to oral cancer. Furthermore, the presence of sores or pus the tend to linger and do not heal after 2 weeks, it could be a sign of an underlying condition such as oral or throat cancer.

Other common symptoms of oral cancer include ear pains and chronic throat issues. If you are suffering from a chronic sore throat, have difficulty swallowing, chewing or eating, or you’re noticing a change in your voice, oral cancer may be the cause. Other common symptoms include unexplained bleeding in your mouth, a loss of feeling in your facial area, dramatic weight loss, and unexplained misalignments of your teeth.

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